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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
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Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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One of the best movies ever made!
I give it a 10/10 without doubt. I am not giving it a 10/10 out of compassion but because of the creative and cinematographic (relative)perfection. Please mind that even though it has a new directors cut re-release, this movie is actually a full 25 years old!!! Even when you watch it now it stands it own and that is the magnificence of the art-director and of Ridley Scott, the film director.

Ah then you get to see one of the best (or simply the best) female action heroes ever created on screen. Sigourney Weaver is just so memorable. Please don't forget that the brilliance of this movie launched a whole quadrology. That itself is a testament to this first one: Alien. The second one Aliens directed by James Cameroon is an epic in itself but much of the foundation was (perhaps inadvertently) laid by Ridley Scott in this movie. Please note another side effect was that female heroes were used by Hollywood after this movie in very big productions.

Each shot, each scene and sequences build up the film in a fantastic manner that is old school but still so difficult to achieve. It is like Da Vinchi's painting. It is old school style. But still difficult to do. Story is about the crew of a mining ship who end up with an alien while answering an SOS call. Alien: not as in an illegal immigrant (er.. this is not a political movie about borders and immigration...) Alien as in the most scary creature ever devised. Truly alien. In every way it is so brilliant.

I had a great experience when I watched it again. Definitely one of the all time greatest movies.
Average spacecraft thriller.
I never was a big fan of the Alien series. Always thought that they were way too dumb. However, i've never watched the very first one; the one which started everything, the original Alien. Until today. And to be honest, i am a bit disappointed. It's a very well made film, even more for the standards of 1979, but to the story itself...well, i just don't care for it at all. Sure, the film has great visuals, the spacecraft is full of interesting details, but the story is dry. The character development is not adequate at all, and this is an aspect which i consider fundamental in any film. We don't have any deep idea of who are the persons in there, or what they were doing, or what they are going to do. Then, the thriller? Almost none. And it's not scary. To the well of the truth, almost all the times the 'scariest' moments were very predictable and even unintentionally comic.

But nice. It's a classic, right? Well, personally, i don't give a dawn. Because besides the fact that it is an extremely well made thriller with an Alien as the main villain , It has nothing more to add. Maybe it was very good back in the 70s and 80s, but not anymore. 7.3/ 10
Truckers in Space !!!
'Alien' is the first film in one of the most well known and renowned film franchises of all time. One of the major reasons why 20th Century Fox green-lit this film was the resounding success of another little film set in space known as 'Star Wars' at the box office. 'Alien' was based on a screenplay written by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett and was directed by Ridley Scott. A crew aboard the space vessel Nostromo on their way home pick up an SOS warning from a distant planet. They decide to check out the planet and the subsequent events lead to an experience for the entire crew which can only be described as nightmarish.

Although Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett's screenplay was great and had thematic depth, for me 'Alien' became the masterful horror film that it is due to one man's visual flair and complete command over the subtleties and nuances of filmmaking and camera movement, and that man is Ridley Scott. This film in the hands of some other director could have easily been reduced to a generic, silly genre film about alien monsters which were released in abundance during the 50s, 60s and 70s. But Ridley Scott made something that truly distinguished itself from all previous alien monster films. The claustrophobic atmosphere that Scott creates is enough to suck the viewer in. The film like most Ridley Scott films looks absolutely fantastic. The visual attention to detail is meticulous. The alien planet looks as real and authentic as any alien planet has ever looked on film. Scott slightly borrows the slow and gradual style of storytelling and tension building that Spielberg used in 'Jaws'. Like 'Jaws', we don't see the Xenomorph a lot. But that adds to the tension, the fear and the claustrophobia. The lighting, the editing and the pacing, all work together to the fullest effect.

Although most people make a connection between 'Star Wars' and 'Alien' due to their contrasting styles. Both the films were released very close to each other and both films were set in space. But while 'Star Wars' was a fantasy fairy tale, 'Alien' was straight up horror. I can understand this comparison, but for me 'Alien' shares a deep thematic connection with '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Both films deal with the duel between man and machine and they both explore the question: What it means to be human? Incidentally this was also the basic theme of Ridley Scott's next sci-fi film 'Blade Runner'. After knowing that Ash was actually a droid, on reflection, I do think that the relationship between Ash and Ripley has some similarities with the relationship between HAL and Bowman. Ripley at the beginning refuses to let Kane (John Hurt) in by obeying the company laws while he has the face- hugger on his face, but Ash actually lets him in which might seem to be a very humane act. But later his true identity gets revealed and he has this beautiful monologue about how he appreciates the Xenomorph's perfect body structure and its purity which lies in its lack of emotions and feelings.

This film is also undeniably about the ill-effects of capitalism. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation sends this crew to a mission as dangerous as this without informing them anything for the sole purpose of acquiring this alien life form and using it as a weapon. This shows the lack of humanity in the way the big corporation treats its workers. This lack of respect for the workers and the existing class division also gets repeatedly hinted at with Brett and Parker's constant complaints about being underpaid. These workers are made to go through hell and utter madness in distant parts of the universe where they themselves are alien just because the big corporation wants to use the Xenomorph for its weapons division. The miserable plight of the crew in completely mad and alien surroundings has a thematic link with the madness in 'Apocalypse Now' where young men are made to fight in mad environments. To be honest, the Xenomorph is not the villain in the film, the villain is the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

Another very apparent element of the script is the sexual subtext. The Xenomorph and other alien elements and sets were designed by H.R. Giger based on his own artwork which clearly have sexual undertones. Right from the design of the Xenomorph's body to the concept of the face-hugger and chest-burster, there is a sexual angle to the narrative that hints at themes of rape and unwanted pregnancies. Through Ridley Scott's imagery, it is thematically implied that the corporation in the way it renders the human workers expendable is actually devouring them. The face-hugger uses the body of the host to give birth to the Xenomorph, in the same way thematically the corporation is using the helpless crew just to serve its own purposes.

Although the human characters in the film don't have a lot of back story, but the conversations that they have among each other are extremely realistic which makes the characters believable as ordinary human beings. Every character gets distinguished from the other due to the naturalistic acting. However for me the two best performances in the film come from Sigourney Weaver as Ripley and Ian Holm as Ash. They play off each other brilliantly. Ripley's character has evolved over the course of the entire Alien franchise. In this film Ripley is the indefatigable survivor.

I only have one minor complaint. I think the screenplay and Scott's execution of the scene leading up to Brett's death could have been a little better instead of following a bit of horror trope. However the death itself is chillingly shot.

'Alien' is one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made due to the care with which Ridley Scott treated every individual element of the film and also due to every one else who worked with Scott and contributed with their own ideas.
My favourite tagline for a movie
"In space, no one can hear you scream." This remains my favourite tagline ever for a movie. When 'Alien' was released in 1979, it caused almost as much talk as 'Star Wars' did when released two years earlier. The science fiction genre was being revolutionized at this time and 'Alien' had a horror characteristic to it which was psychological, visually striking and compelling with the type of strength in silence not seen since '2001: A Space Odyssey' in 1968. Definitely a big influence in blockbuster film making, 'Alien' has spawned three sequels so far and is a great horror/science-fiction classic not to be missed. It is director Ridley Scott's best effort on the big screen for making fear the best character in the film.
Alien: A sci-fi-horror match made in heaven.
At the end of the day, Alien is now roughly almost 40 years old. 40 years is a long time, and we've seen cinema evolve drastically over that period, yet Alien retains everything it had back in 1979.

Everything from the atmosphere, the long shots, the slow build-ups, the creature design, the characters, the plot twist, I could go on. It really does become difficult to find flaws in this movie. Granted some of the FX are pretty dated now, but you have to remember how revolutionary they were back in the day.

Alien is a masterclass in sci-fi horror, far and few films can claim the level of superiority that Ridley Scott's masterpiece still holds.
The Purina Dog Chow company will expand and make a big mistake!
Ridely Scott is such a minimalist in Alien that many sci-fi nuts find it slow and unexciting. So many people prefer Aliens, its sequel, to this one. I think Aliens, directed by James Cameron, is another sci-fi masterpiece (and maybe the best action film ever made), but I think Alien is much better. In fact, I would say that it is among the best films ever made, in sci-fi, only second to 2001.

The plot absolutely lacks contrivance. All the plot points develop how they would naturally. And there are great surprises throughout the film. Even if you haven't seen the film, you know about the chest-bursting scene. You probably saw it parodied dozens of times. But watch the scene where Ian Holm reveals his secret! That is one amazing scene! I actually saw the sequel first, so I kind of knew that secret, too, but it still shocked me. It was so well directed.

Notice how the dialogue works. It never particularly draws attention to itself. It actually reminds me of Robert Altman, how he directed such movies as Nashville, where many characters are speaking at the same time, and nothing seems more or less important than anything else. It is just like real life. Alien is one of the most realistic, documentary-like sci-fi films ever made.

Also notice the setting. The Nostromo's design is so believable that I feel that I'm actually seeing a real space vehicle. The alien ship also beams with its spookiness.

The characters are also extremely believable. They are so well written that even the first character who dies is completely developed. If you get the DVD, they actually created dossiers about each of the crew members. It also has extra scenes which round out the characters even more. I think Ripley is one of the most endearing characters in film history. Even in the last two sequels, which were visually interesting but not very well written or directed, Ripley held my interest. I teared up when she died at the end of 3. If they made a fifth one, I would go, no matter how terrible I knew it would be. The acting is also top-notch. Ian Holm, a great actor, gives one of his best performances here. I love the last scene that he is in. Truly a master. And of course Sigourney Weaver could have just as easily been nominated for an Oscar for her performance here as she was for Aliens. I wish she would make more movies. She's so talented.

The most important part of a film, in my mind, is the mood. And boy, does Alien have one of the most genuinely spooky movies I've ever seen. Make sure you watch it after the sun has gone down. Also, watching it alone will help. The special effects are kind of cheap, but Scott knows this well enough. He only shows the alien for seconds at a time. Besides keeping us from seeing the shoddiness of those puppets, this technique makes the alien seem all the more creepy and mysterious.

10/10, no doubt at all (BTW, the symbols all over the Nostromo are the same insignias as those of the Purina Dog Chow company)
Classic Horror
Commercial star ship Nostromo, returning from a routine mission, are detoured when an alien SOS is intercepted. Awakened from hypersleep, the crew are obligated to land on the alien world where the call for help has originated, but the ship is slightly damaged during the landing process and three of the crew set out to explore the hostile new world. They come upon a derelict spacecraft, the skeletonized remains of an alien creature with an odd wound in its chest and a cache of strange egg-like objects. Crew member Kane is brought back from the exploration unconscious and with a bizarre, crab-like creature attached to his face. He is still alive, and indeed, the creature on his face seems to be keeping him alive for reasons unknown. The Nostromo is repaired and the crew leave the desolate planet behind. The crab creature soon leaves its perch on Kane's face and dies, and Kane emerges from his coma, apparently in good health. But the purpose of the alien soon becomes terribly clear; Kane has been impregnated with an alien embryo which births itself from his chest in a shower of blood and gore, killing Kane and escaping into the ships air ducts before anyone can react. The crew set out to destroy the creature, not realizing immediately that its accelerated growth has transformed it into a huge and vicious predator whose only desire is to kill them all.

Very loosely based upon the 1958 horror film "IT! The Terror From Beyond Space" Alien is a masterpiece of Gothic horror, a haunted house movie on a spaceship. Flawlessly directed by Ridley Scott, Alien, whose plot is actually fairly simplistic and nothing new, is so filled with dread, so claustrophobically genuine, that it seems like nothing ever seen before. Ghostly steam, clinking chains, long dark corridors where anything can be hiding, the suspense is unbelievably suffocating. We never really get to see what the alien actually looks like until films end, and so the quick flashes of tail, head and mouth are so brief and so confusing that it only adds to the horror. Plus, Alien does what no ghost story can do - there is no way out of this "haunted house." There is no escape from the horror within.

The performances are all outstanding. The alien is not the only menace to the all-too human crew; there are also soulless corporations and short circuiting androids to be dealt with on top of everything else. Faced with these dilemmas, every single crew member of the Nostromo are absolutely believable. They're tired, stressed out, rude and bitchy and they spend a good lot of time griping and snapping at each other, but they drop what they're doing and stand together, protecting one another without hesitation when they must. The gore is minimal; the death of Kane is the bloodiest, nastiest moment in the whole film and because Kane, played by John Hurt, seems to be the nicest of the crew members, it just makes his painful death scene all the more horrible.

Alien is a grim, visceral, satisfying horror film and remains the unsurpassed best film in the series. Alien is an established classic and should not be missed.
One of the best science fiction movies of all time
There are relatively few films in history that are so solid and well made that they are the definition of a 4/4 star movie. Alien is one of those films. Movies have become so flawed in recent decades that truly handing out the full rating of 4 stars out of 4 (or 10 out of 10 for IMDb) has become a stretch.

Without a doubt, Alien is not only a classic and the best science fiction horror movie of all time, but it is also one of the best films of all time. It is one of the coolest, most bad-ass, and horrifying films you will ever see.

Sigourney Weaver is phenomenal in the role that shot her to fame. She is the heart of the film and plays her part with a sort of innocence and naive youthfulness that is endearing and real. Who would have ever thought a woman could be so bad-ass in a science fiction/action/horror movie in 1979?

This movie is so good shot for shot that you will be glued to the screen. You can't miss a minute, nor will you want to. Even after all the similar sorts of horror and sci fi films that have been made which have borrowed from Alien, none of them can put together what Alien did.

Some movies just rock. They just know how to open,know how to show, know how to tell, know how to explode, and know how to end. This is one of them. The ending is perfect and a perfect example of how to tell a story and end a movie, something many films of today can learn from.
This movie is the best horror movie ever! It has a very spooky feeling and you can watch this movie over and over again and never gets boring. In my opinion I think alien is better than aliens but that is a question of taste. Sigournew Weaver is an excellent actress and really gets the movie to be that spooky that it really is. When I said that is a classic movie, I really mean it. It has has mystery, entertaining and very good actors. Even that the film was made in 1979 it still feels very good and new in some way. The cons of this movie is that the computers in this film is old, but that dos not have a big deal, and you don't notice it to much. Overall this movie really shows what a horror movie looks like and I give it a big thumbs up and I would love to see it again.
Just watched it again, and it still KICKS ASS!
I was 20 when I saw it for the 1st time way, way back in August of 1979. I just watched it again 36 years later, August 23, 2015. To say that it holds up is the understatement of the decade. I enjoyed every single moment of this epic sci-fi masterpiece. Watching it late this eve, I could not find a single thing I would change or re-do. Direction is flawless, pacing wonderful, acting tops, effects look like today, great script, and on and on and on...... If you like good sci-fi and somehow have missed this, rent it yesterday! If you saw it years ago and are apprehensive about being disappointed, do not worry, it still thrills. Man, what a great movie! And maybe best of all, it has a lovable red tabby cat called Jones!
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