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Man of Steel
USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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Had the potential to be great, then Hollywood went CGI crazy
I believe I was first introduced to Man of Steel with the original trailer (more like a 20-second teaser than a trailer, of our hero bursting through the sky) while I sat in the cinema anticipating The Dark Knight Rises.

I left the cinema somewhat frustrated that day however, as The Dark Knight Rises was full of plot holes and writing that simply didn't make sense. Simply put; I felt Nolan got complacent after he absolutely nailed Batman Begins and the masterful Dark Knight.

Now we have a reboot of Superman, with Nolan as Producer and action-junkie Snyder as Director. Nolan seems to take up where he left off on the Dark Knight Rises by producing a movie filled with plot holes. I don't want to divulge any spoilers beyond what you will have gathered from the trailers, but to give 1 example, our villain (played by Michael Shannon) & his goons survive the demise of Krypton because they are outcast on a spaceship as 'punishment' for their crimes while the rest of the planet perishes. There you have it, an advanced Alien race living on a doomed planet is able save only 1 new born baby and a gang of crooks, despite having the technology to scope out and evaluate another planet in seconds, then terraform it to accommodate their race. Is this the standard of script-writing we can associated with Nolan now? After-all he served us up the genius plot of Gothams ENTIRE Police Force being trapped underground for 3 months, with no food, yet still able to charge out into the battlefield when Batman sets them free. Like The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel is full of these kind of pot holes that is likely to leave even children scratching their heads.

I did however enjoy much of the first half of the film, Kevin Costner gives the best performance in this movie by a distance in my opinion. His emotional interactions with his adopted son are heartfelt and he plays a pivotal role in shaping Clark's path to finding himself. Snyder strings the background story together pretty well, maybe a little too much use of 'flashbacks', but Snyder's storytelling is actually good here... which is why it's all the more frustrating that he lost control in the 2nd half of the movie.

Once we have the back story in place and Superman gets some answers as to who he really is, well, this movie simply doesn't feel like Superman. He doesn't become the caped hero saving civilians from bank robbers (although we get a couple of instances of his good deeds before he ever dawns the cape). There's no disguise as Clark Kent, no news reporter or phone booths. No feeling of 'is it a bird?' or 'to the rescue'. No adventures. Instead it just jumps into a showdown with the goons from Krypton who have tracked him down to planet Earth (as you will have seen from the trailers). At times I felt like I was watching Independence Day as the US military is rolled out with tanks & fighter jets to protect the entire human race from superior beings threatening our existence.

The last 60-90 Min's of this film is just 1 giant action sequence, loaded to the teeth with CGI, trucks smashing into skyscrapers & Alien light-beams. The Metropolis half destroyed... Superman probably kills a few thousand civilians himself as collateral given the amount of vehicles he uses as bowling balls. I enjoy a bit of action, but this was way too much, and way over the top to the point it just got tiresome and the film starved itself of dialogue, character development and audience interaction. We the audience are asked to endure some horrible one liners such as "they say it's all downhill from the first kiss" in between the brain-dead smashing up of skyscrapers. I was firmly switched off in the last half hour because the director asked nothing of me while he got his kicks.

This action overkill wasn't really what we were sold in the trailers which focused on the gritty & emotional interactions of a young Clark with Kevin Costner over an Enya score (almost Gladiator-esque) - this sold us a totally different tone to the alien-action movie we actually get.

Overall i'm left with a feeling of what this movie could have been with the right director & stronger writing. Perhaps Sam Mendes would have been a better choice given the job he did on Skyfall and the human interaction of Craig, Dench and Bardem throughout while maintaining awesome action set-pieces. Snyder had a great cast at his disposal here he that really should have done much better with. Crowe & Shannon did the best they could with what they had to work with. Costner stole the show. Cavill was a perfect fit for Superman and brought a physical presence to the role of Superman that Bale & Hardy brought to Batman & Bane. Laurence Fishburne may as well have been cut from the movie all together in his utterly pointless role as Editor at the Planet and Adams was wasted in the weakly written part of Lane.

It's perhaps unfair to expect another Dark Knight, given it's standing as one of the greatest films ever alongside The Godfather & Shawshank here on IMDb, but I was at least hoping for a movie on a par with Batman Begins, to really set the tone for another epic series of modern-day comic hero movies from DC. Instead I left the cinema feeling like I just saw 20 minutes of Avatar eventually turn into Independence Day meets Transformers in a piece of film-making that will be rather forgettable in the end.

Maybe at some point in the next 30 years Superman will finally get his day like Batman got his in 2008 in The Dark Knight.
Branded Tripe
Man of Steel is what happens when high end CGI becomes affordable to bad screenwriters.

This film was absolutely deplorable. There were two redeeming qualities to this film: the ending credits and the guarantee that I'll never have to watch it again.

The storyline was so rushed, empty, and flat that I was laughing at how cookie cutter and formulaic it was. No, I mean I was 'literally' laughing out loud. It followed suit with all of the new "re-imagining" of films of late; stepping up the political correctness to a painful degree, abruptly revealing one dimensional lead characters, entirely Mickey-Mouse-scary antagonists, and unbelievably shallow motivations on all sides. Not to mention, it has so many plot holes that if it were held up against a light it would look like mesh.

There was a clear motivation, however. Keeping the optioned rights to the Superman namesake by putting out a 2.5 hour piece of tripe to rake in big bucks from the uninspired and vapid herds. Oh, and merchandising.

My girlfriend and I often joke about taking a shot anytime a film depicts a cliché movie phrase, action, dynamic, or scene. We would have died of liver failure within the first 11 seconds of this film.
Utterly incoherent.
Wow - what a mess of a film 'Man Of Steel' is.

Scene after unconnected scene jump out of the screen. Trope after predictable trope are presented, with no connectivity and less narrative. It's as though somebody threw a few superman comics at a TV showing MTV. Most music videos contain more character development, better dialogue and more believable stories though.

One gets the impression that everything surrounding the action set pieces was an afterthought. Much of the film feels unrehearsed and performances often feel like first of second takes with under-directed actors unsure of the tone of the scene they are playing and the motivation of their characters.

Even the special effects, which are crucial to a film like this, are ropey. The early flying sequences are laughable; reminding one of the old superimposition methods. Later battle sequences suffer from the levity and flimsy feeling CGI often has, and since we have no idea about the people involved, we just don't care about the outcome.

Avoid at all costs.
A well deserved and long awaited portrayal of Superman
After a disappointing start to summer movies with Iron Man 3, 2013 seemed like a weak year for movies. Followed by a decent Star Trek sequel, a very successful and unexpected Fast and Furious 6 as well as an out of nowhere decent flick Now You See Me, the reins were handed to Man of Steel to be the summer blockbuster to blow everyone away.

Man of Steel is a solid movie as a whole. The plot suffers from clichés and it is rushed to death, but some substantial stuff is there. Performances all around are good but special mentions go to Russell Crow and Kevin Costner for an outstanding job. As far as an action flick goes...expect a lot of it. If you thought the previews had all the action...boy, you're in for a surprise. The movie is nonstop action, things blow up and get destroyed at least five minutes within one another and the last hour of the film defines mayhem. As a superman film, here is where Man of Steel succeeds.

Henry Cavill was an outstanding Clark Kent. His portrayal was on point: charismatic, fragile but strong, charming but menacing, and a pretty boy for the ladies if they felt turned off by the Fourth of July over the top action sequences that were taking place around him. The storyline was very fragmented but his character was made out to be a lot more interesting and less cheesy than other films, but still had its flaws.

Now, for General Zod. As excited as I was to see a villain that can rival Superman and a break from the overused Lex Luthor, he was too much for the first film. Why do I say this? His character was developed rather poorly and his dialogue sounded very similar to that of many other villains that we have seen before. Despite that, the final fight scene was memorable. You get what you expect. Two titans go at it for a good amount of time and if there fighting does not pump your adrenaline, go check your pulse.

Man of Steel. The best of summer 2013 so far, one of the best Superman film (if not the best to date), amazing action flick (believe it or not, people might say it has too much action), and overall one of the much better superhero movies out there only rivaled by Nolan's batman trilogy (Someone give the Justice League a green light, Bale and Cavill? That would be unbelievable). Forget the critics, everyone has something to enjoy here, thats for sure.
Swing and a Miss!
"Man of Steel" is not just a failure on it's story, but a catastrophic meltdown right down to the fundamental core.

1.) If you didn't have tinnitus going into the movie, you will when you come out. This is one of the most unnecessarily decibel cranking movies I have ever seen, that's not me being oversensitive, i've sat through plenty of loud movies.

2.) The Krypton story. I appreciate that time was taken to explore Superman's home planet, parents, and how he came to be on Earth. It's also when I started to become uneasy with this movie. Zod & co. are convicted and sentenced, and a huge spacecraft collects them for punishment.

I could accept that perhaps this supposed advanced culture's arrogance stopped it from seeing it was doomed (I'll reluctantly give it a pass, it's been in every Superman i've ever seen, But why didn't Jor-el utilize a bigger ship? Surely he'd figure out how, or own one of his own. I didn't question this in the original Donner version because no Spacecraft scene was there, only the weird mirror.

3.) The Codex. Jor-el swims through fields of growing babies left over from the Matrix, grabs a skull, dissolves it, and infuses it into his baby. Couldn't we just stick with he obtained powers from passing through a sun?

When you suck all the mysticism and wonder from a story, something is lost in translation. (that's you Star Wars prequels).

Likewise this happens when you try to shovel in as much ridiculous crap as you can.

4.) Pa Kent. Wasn't this supposed to be the surrogate father that Clark loved, respected and who helped to mold him into a good man? Watch as he treats his son with indifference and coldness. His demise, a scene that is supposed to be powerful and poignant, is instead boiled down to a stupid action scene for no real reason at all. Costner really phoned this one in.

5.) Some stories are means to be dark and full of drama and angst. Superman is not one of them, and it shows. It's a huge trend now to make every super hero story dark and depressing, this works great for comics like Batman or Watchmen, but backfires horribly for Superman,(Take a note from "The Avengers" guys, it's possible to be successful and convincing without being dark all the time.)

Am I saying he can't be frustrated, angry or upset? No, of course not. Reference again the Donner version for how this can be achieved properly and effectively.

6.) Numerous miscasts. Don't care for Henry Cavill...I just couldn't get into him as Superman, and I tried, I really did, he just didn't convince me.

Likewise on Amy Adams, who took me so far outside the character of Lois Lane there was no going back. She also lacks any chemistry what-so-ever with Superman.

Fishburne is well...there, but nothing about him is memorable. Diane Lane is serviceable.

7.) Superman doesn't act like Superman, and may actually cause more casualties that any villain, device, in this movie. Huge buildings are destroyed, countless people are incinerated, crushed or seemingly blown up, and it goes on forever.

This contributed greatly to the further removal of myself from the Superman character, frankly this molds him into more of a douchebag hellbent on personal vengeance than it does as a hero. (btw there is continuance here of the "Jesus" savior references from the last movie..ridiculous.) There no way I could invest in him, I promise I tried, I did.

8.) Other misc. stuff thrown in that bothered me. Lois in the Arctic, there was absolutely no reason for her to be there. The dumb Arctic spaceship and the equally ridiculous contents therein. The anti-climatic death of Zod.

9.) Lois Lane on board with the army/Air Force with the baby ship. Why do movie makers constantly feel the compulsion to have characters do things for the sake of having them in some big action scene. Lois functions best as the snoopy reporter, and occasional damsel in distress.

A few things I liked about the movie:

1.) The terraforming machine was cool. I "guess" I could buy the explanation about terraforming other planets. It's not the worst plot line they could've come up with. I liked the way the CGI/special effects for it were done.

2.) General Zod. One of two characters I actually enjoyed. Too bad they didn't develop him more or give him some real dimension. But Michael Shannon does a great job. After a while his scenes were the only ones I looked forward to. At least he had some passion, conviction, and reasons behind him doing the things he's doing. After the disaster the rest of this movie is, you'll find yourself rooting from him. (um, filmmakers, this is what you intended right? You didn't want me to root for the hero did you?)Too bad we won't be seeing him again as Superman offed him horribly.

3.) Jor-el was great. Russell Crowe did a great job. He was a highlight for me. There was more intensity and emotion in interactions between himself and Zod (both "hologram" Jor-El and person Jor-el) than collectively between anyone else in the entire movie. Great job guys.

Skip this one, you'll feel mad at wasting your hard earned money on the ticket. If you were a fan of the Donner series (I am.) Remember your hero as Christopher Reeve portrayed him, brave, honorable, kind, and properly angsty and emotional.

2/10 for Shannon and Crowe, and for some of the effects.
This Superman is Super Sci-Fi Adventure
This is the Superman film I have waited so long to see. It does not conform to a traditional 'comic-book movie' and is instead a serious, epic sci-fi adventure. In this sense, it surprisingly feels less like a Nolan inspired superhero movie and more like a science fiction equivalent to Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings'. The film is not without a handful of flaws, and it does run a bit longer than it probably needs to, but Snyder's film is a solid and heartfelt blockbuster and hopefully the first of many new Superman films to come.

Let's start with the leading man. Muscular and handsome, Cavill is by far the most physically believable Superman we have yet seen. But it is his masculine gentleness and understated kindness that works so well in his version of Clark Kent/Kal-El. His performance is notably stoic and brooding, but also very warm and human. He does well as the titular 'Man of Steel,' and the rest of the cast compliments him nicely. Shannon and Costner are specially effective in their parts, and Crowe gives considerable gravity to the character Jor-El. Amy Adams scores with her portrayal of Lois. One only wishes she had had more screen time and her relationship with Clark given a little more priority in the big picture. This film's unique take on the Lois and Clark relationship is, however, one of this story's strengths - Lois knows Clark's identity and helps him form his persona and keep his secret. This is indeed a woman Superman would trust and fall for.

The first 45 minutes of the film are well paced. After the grandiose opening sequence on Krypton, the film cuts between a wandering adult Clark and the child growing up in Kansas in Nolan's characteristic non- linear narration. After the first hour, the film occasionally slips into generic summer-action-movie territory once the villainous General Zod arrives, but the visuals are impressive enough and Cavill likable enough for it to work. And the action sequences are indeed stunning, showing- off Snyder's visual flair, if in the end there is perhaps an action set piece too many.

My bet is that sci-fi and action fans will like this movie and be impressed with its ambitious set pieces, and serious Superman fans will love that their hero has been given a serious, epic treatment. 8/10
Man of Steel is not Superman
If you are a die-hard Superman fan then be ready for a huge disappointment.Not for a moment will you get the overwhelming warmth in your heart when superman saves the day which you got when Christopher Reeve played Superman.This is just another film which lacks totally lacks a solid story and the makers are completely confident that they will fool the audiences again with massive unnecessary special effects(Same goes with Iron Man 3).Lois Lane is apparently more smart than Man of Steel as she somehow manages to be present at all the locations where Man of Steel is about to fall.I came back home and watched the real Superman just to erase this bad portrayal of my favorite superhero.
There are plenty of reviews which highlight the countless inconsistencies of this movie (the director should be made to watch it), so I won't mirror these.

What bothered me far more were the numerous religious/theistic tones and symbolism throughout the movie, highlighting the entire wreck as nothing more than a vehicle for some Christianity-selling.

I'm, of course, talking about the title character's baffling, needless Jesus Christ pose in Earth's orbit, the female 'baddie's' childish, claim that "Evolution always wins' (that why the majority of humans are God-fearing despite no sensible reason, facts shunned in favour of here-say), and Superman's Earth-father telling him that he was 'sent to Earth for a reason', that old, egotistical attitude that encourages people to believe that the vast entirety of the universe operates solely to benefit the youngest, most destructive species on a tiny planet in a quiet corner of one galaxy among billions.

And people told me that the movie was "Awesome"?! Why? What exactly does it do that's original/inventive/creative/unique? It's simply another cleverly marketed money-machine to keep hollowood rich, and YOU, the people, allowed it.

Absolutely ridiculous, and an insult to my intelligence.

That said, the effects were pretty good it places.

Please, though, people, let's not settle for this kind of mindless nonsense. You need to want more from your movies if you want to see better ones.
The best movie of 2013 & one of the best superhero movies of all time!
Man of Steel is a movie about the origins of Clark Kent/Kal-El(Henry Cavill). When their planet Krypton is on the verge of destruction, Kal's parents, Jor-El(Russell Crowe) & Lara Lor-Van(Ayelet Zurer) send him to Earth on a spaceship along with Codex, which is something that contains the DNA of every unborn Kryptonian. Clark lands on Earth & is raised on a farm in Kansas by two loving parents, Jonathan(Kevin Costner) & Martha Kent(Diane Lane). However, when Clark is old enough, Jonathan tells him that he's an alien & believes that he was sent here for a reason & even if it takes him his whole life, Clark owes it to himself to find out what that reason is. So, Clark goes on a journey to find out who he really is. When Clark saves Lois Lane(Amy Adams), she is amazed by his abilities & wants to know more about him. Meanwhile, another Kryptonian called General Zod(Michael Shannon) finds out that the Codex is on Earth along with Kal-El. He lands on Earth & tells everyone that they are either supposed to give him Kal-El or he's going to destroy the entire planet. Now, it is up to Superman to either do as Zod says & turn himself in or, save the day!

Man of Steel was an outrageously spectacular & epic film! The special effects were mind blowing, especially in 3D. I must say that I loved Superman's new suit & I'm glad that he's not wearing his iconic red underwear. After the last couple of Superman films were huge disappointments, I was really hoping that this reboot would rejuvenate the Superman franchise. With Zack Snyder hired to direct & Christopher Nolan coming on board as the producer, Warner Bros. & DC were already halfway there. So, my expectations were pretty high. This movie did not disappoint! It surpassed my expectations by a huge margin. This is the best movie of 2013, so far. I think it's also going to be the best summer blockbuster of this year. The action in this movie is surreal, visually stunning & mind numbingly brilliant. Each fight scene between Superman & General Zod, Faora-Ul(Antje Traue) and the other enemies had me on the edge of my seat. Henry Cavill has done a spectacular job as Clark Kent/Superman. For me, he's even better than Christopher Reeve as Superman. Amy Adams is outstanding as Lois Lane. She's not just your average damsel in distress, she also helps Superman a lot. Michael Shannon is great as baddie, General Zod. Kevin Costner is mind blowing as Jonathan Kent. Diane Lane is impressive as Martha Kent. Laurence Fishburne is hilarious as Perry White. Russell Crowe is great as Jor-El. Antje Traue & Ayelet Zurer are effective as Faora-Ul & Lara Lor-Van respectively. I would like to conclude by saying, Man of Steel is an outstanding film. Even if you are not a fan of the comics, you will still love this film.
Man of Aluminum (Can).
I just watched this movie again on Netflix for the second time, and I couldn't figure out why I didn't remember it, even though I was sure I went to see this in the theatre on its second weekend? I had apparently forced myself to forget it. To call this a Superman movie is an insult. Maybe I went into this movie expecting too much, considering what a hatchet job that has been done with remakes. Wow.

I won't rehash all of the many, many incredible errors in the film. I'm not even a big comic fan, and never was. (I couldn't understand the obsession even 30 years ago, when I was a teen.) This movie was a stereotypical summer blockbuster for now, filled of a bunch of guns, explosions, and wildly changing volumes...and very little logic, plot or dwelling into the hero's psyche to understand the larger picture.

Things like: 'Why would you keep blasting away with guns that obviously had no effect?' or the other side of that 'Where are these supposed bullets going, as they are not rebounding to hit their firer?'

The young male proclivity to 'Fight just to throw each other around with no real aim or objective?' or its inverse 'Are there people inside the building that are the host of this wanton property destruction?'

Another example: Superman breaks the neck of his enemy when said enemy uses his laser vision toward a bunch of panicked idiots. 'How does he do this?' 'WHY does he do this when there are many other options available?' aka 'Isn't Superman a pacifist?' 'How does the enemy know they are there so exactly?' 'Does the laser only shoot straight forward, rather than at the many angles the human eye can rotate in?'

These are just three examples. There are a lot more. An incredibly bad movie about an icon of our imaginations. How many boys have wanted to be 'Clark Kent, mild geek turned superhero' and how many girls have wanted to be 'Lois Lane, Daily Planet reporter by day, hot girlfriend of Superman by night.' I know I did.
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