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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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I saw this movie with neutral expectations, and I don't see what all the fuss is about. It is TERRIBLE. Difficult to keep eyes open through the entire thing. What happened to you people when you saw it? Did your tickets come with free popcorn or something? How is the movie so appealing? The plot is semi-original, the acting puke-inducing. I say it loud for all to hear: LAME-O.
overused plot + often abused style = best movie of the year
A man with no short term memory tries to solve a murder. The scenes in the movie are played in reverse. Sounds like yet another run of the mill comedy but in reality is one of the best suspense/dramas I've seen in years.

While some may claim showing the scenes in reverse is just an annoying trick to make a simple plot confusing and add a plethora of twists, I wholeheartedly disagree. Any good story teller knows it's not what you say, but how you say it.

By playing the scenes in reverse you experience the confusion Lenny undergoes throughout the film. Showing some of the scenes in chronological order (BTW, the use of B&W instead of color to make the time distinction was ingenious) creates suspense which builds as the two timelines converge. The somewhat rushed pace (compared to a written format) doesn't give you enough time to adequately analyze the events during the movie. This has two advantages: firstly you're going to talk about it after you leave the theater adding to experience immensely, and secondly you don't have time to think about what has happened (will happen) so you're experience better follows that of Lenny.

While many might find the movie rather confusing, it flows wonderfully for anyone familiar with writing styles that constantly jump around a timeline (e.g. Catch 22).
Memento is a Truly Intriguing Journey
Before Inception and The Prestige, Christopher Nolan created a film with a completely different feel that is based on his brother's short story that follows a man lost in his own mind, unable to separate truth from lie.

Memento is centered on Leonard, played by Guy Pearce, who is a man determined to find and kill the one who raped and murdered his wife. However, throughout this investigation, he experiences one immense handicap: he is unable to retain any memories after the death of his wife. Despite this setback, his determination leads him to take pictures, write notes, and even tattoo himself with facts he refuses to forget. This is only the first sign that he won't stop until the man he wishes to kill is dead.

Without spoiling the movie for future audiences, I would like to start out by saying that this movie has a fascinating flow in its sequence of events, and it gave me true joy when I first recognized this unique element. If you have already seen Christopher Nolan's later films, recognize that Memento is nothing like them, nor should it be. It has a completely different pace while intellectually expecting much from its viewers. This is a movie that demands your attention, and I can say without a doubt that it received mine. It is as though the movie is always challenging you to be as perceptive as you can, while taking note of the most minute of details that flash by you on the screen. I don't believe this is a perfect movie (although I have yet to find anything of the sort), but it is a movie that excels in so many ways, creating interesting characters, an interesting setting, and most importantly, an interesting flow.

If I haven't said it already, Memento is an incredible movie that should not be missed. It is unique and knows how to separate the fun pace from the emotional plot, giving it even more flavor. I personally found it difficult to emotionally bond with Leonard, given that he didn't always seem as heartbroken as he should over his deceased wife. Fortunately, I didn't find this issue to be nearly enough to hold this movie back from being truly amazing movie that captivates audiences of all kinds.
One of the most intensely complex and gripping films to have ever been created!
Christopher Nolan's 2000 Neo- Noir film 'Memento' is one of the most intensely complex and gripping films to have ever been created. The story is centred around the protagonist Leonard, who explains throughout the film about his short term memory loss (known as anterograde amnesia), as well as focusing on his attempts to solve and avenge the murder of his wife.

However, what divides 'Memento' apart from other films is the complexity within the narrative and portrayal of the structure. The bulk of the film alternates from colour to black and white scenes, which then converge at the end of the film leading us to the beginning of the proceeding scene. Nolan uses the black and white scenes to represent the past; whilst including other material, such as flashbacks, that precedes the beginning of the black and white scenes- observed as Leonard's long term memory. However, just like the protagonist, us as the audience do not know the exact length of time those memories occurred- thus creating the "most interesting ambiguity of the film" (Christopher Nolan).

As one of the highest grossing directors in history, Nolan is able to create an unusual yet captivating masterpiece, which continues to be admired and loved seventeen years later.
You see the ending, and then have to wade through the rest of the movie, as it is told in scenes that are presented in reverse order, to see if the ending was a good thing, or a bad thing. I had that figured out as the opening credits were rolling. I didn't find the story at all interesting, I knew how it ended, it was just a matter of seeing how we got there... it didn't work for me.

Also, I found the guys affliction very odd. I've never heard of such an extreme memory problem. I also kept asking myself if a person with this problem could function well enough to leave himself notes, and to tatoo himself with notes, and go on this quest, would he be going around with no one to help him a little... he knows that eventually he will be lost again, except for his notes. I didn't buy it. Too odd... too silly.
What's so great about THIS?
I had heard all the raves. A reviewer said "you'll want to watch this movie several times because it's so complex". I really wanted to see it... Then I did. My wife gave up after less than half of it. I forced myself to see it through, because I hoped there was something to redeem it. Well, there wasn't. Complex? Nothing worthwile is revealed after the first half, actually, the thing is pretty much clear after the first scene - never mind the sordid detail revealed later, doen't add anything for me. An uninteresting, unbelievable, unappealing story acted out by characters one cannot get oneself to care for. So it's told backwards, big deal. I've seen similar things before, done much better. No short term memory? Try "Winter Sleepers", that idea is used there much better. Acting? The characters had to look bewildered and smarmy, in turns. Not a great range, in my opinion. My conclusions: don't bother with this one!
how exhausting watching this !
I just don't understand what it is that makes this movie so popular, especially with male viewers, I mean 8.6? Come on, what is that?! ...

Leonard suffers from short-term memory loss and tracks back using notes and body parts to find the man who killed his wife. On his journey he encounters a number of people who he has to be able to assess at first sight because of his deficiency.

The acting by Guy Pearce is very convincing and even appealing but the story however is most of the time way too irritating because you constantly have to backtrack yourself in order to completely understand what's going on. I like flashbacks in movies but a film that turns out to be one big flashback by itself may be a little too demanding for me. I guess this is just not my kind of entertainment ...
Confused but interested until the very end
First and foremost I'd say to anyone going into this film blind, do not come in thinking you're in for simple linear narrative with a clear start and end point; it's one of those films that can will never be easily explained, the narrative is just that complex.

The film follows a man named Leonard or "Lenny" with after an accident now lives with extremely short term memory. This characteristic is the very foundation of the film because we as the audience follow Lenny from start to finish, we know everything he knows, we learn everything he learns. However just as we learn everything Lenny does, Lenny is unable to remember the new information which adds good layer of intrigue and mystery as to how the film will end.

The narrative as I've mentioned before is non-linear, the events as we see them are not chronological for the most part. The only scenes that actually run in chronological order are the series of black and white scenes that incorporate flashbacks providing additional plot points. The scenes in colour play backward in contrast to the black and white scenes in what Christopher Nolan (the director) describes as a hairpin narrative where the narrative loops on itself and the true end point lies around the middle of the story.

As my summary suggests Memento had me confused for the large majority of the run time, what with the unconventional narrative structure and the slight frustration I felt as Lenny's memory issues proved to be his greatest weakness amidst everything and everyone around him. However the overall mystery of the film kept me engaged from start to finish, although the conclusion may leave some (as it did with me) with an anti-climactic feeling due to how Memento resolves its plot threads. Despite this Memento is still gripping from start to end and I'd highly recommend checking it out, especially for those interested in more unconventional and experimental storytelling.
Best Movie of 2001 (Thus Far)
Incredible, riveting and powerful. What else could I say? This movie has all of the qualities of classic film noir as well as the magnitude of an original, unique concept that has been tried and tired before but works here.

Guy Pearce has been underrated for years (just think back now to Priscilla and can you believe this is the same guy) and finally might get the recognition here that was at least well-deserved of him back for LA Confidential. Powerful perfomances, well developed story with suspensful buildup of what our main character pieces together little by little makes this a must see.

Easily in my top 100 of all time.
is it really that good?
having been given recommendations from friends to watch this film, i duly booked a night in to watch it. what a mistake. i believe this is the most over-rated film in history. ok, the film was original yes. but entertaining? no, not in the slightest. even after watching it on another 2 occasions, my views haven't changed.!
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