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Peter Malota movies chronological order
Date of Birth:
Peter Malota was born in Malesia, Albania. He is from the very small village called Lofka. He moved to Detroit, Michigan and then Los Angeles to train and to be in movies. In the last 18 years he has worked as a martial arts fight coordinator, actor, 2nd unit director, and stunt coordinator. Malota has 30 plus years of experience in martial arts. He started working with Jean Claude Van Damme in 1990. This was Van Dammes first major Hollywood studio movie, Double Impact. Peter was the martial arts fight choreographer and actor on the film. Malota continued a successful partnership with Van Damme, taking responsibility for handling all martial arts fight coordinating, action directing and training Van Damme, on Universal soldier, Nowhere to Run,The Quest, Desert Heat/Inferno, Universal Soldier The Return, Replicant, The Order, and Kumite. Malota has worked with some of Hollywood's top action directors, including Vic Armstrong, Sheldon Lettich, Peter McDonald, Ringo Lam, Roland Emmerich, Mic Rogers and David Worth.
Peter Malota movies chronological order, Peter Malota movies produced, Peter Malota movies top 10.